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Our new Auto Instagram Views Subscription service will make sure all your future posts receive Views without you having to purchase them every time you post. What we do is add the account to our system which will then do a detect any new posts made by the account and add the URL to queue and send the specified amount of Views to the new post. To order the service enter your user name and purchase the monthly Views package of your choice. This is a 30 day subscription package meaning that for 30 days we will add the specified amount of Views per video no matter how many videos. For a quick example, lets say account name USER1 orders package 1 now USER1 will recieve 100 views per video post for 30 days no matter how many posts are made in the 30 days. These packages do over deliver on amount of views ordered.

Please be sure to have the account set to public while this service is running.    BUY INSTAGRAM AUTO VIEWS

Package 1

We will add 100 views per post for 30 days.

Package 2

We will add 250 views per post for 30 days.

Package 3

We will add 500 views per post for 30 days.

Package 4

We will add 1,000 views per post for 30 days.

Package 5

We will add 2,500 views per post for 30 days.

Package 6

We will add 5,000 views per post for 30 days.

Package 7

We will add 10,000 views per post for 30 days.

If you would like packages with more likes per post please email us at thefanmarket@gmail.com

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