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When it comes to audio sharing website, Sound Cloud without doubt ranks tops. As a musician or indeed anyone with audio clips to share, this award winning software is certainly your ally. To reap maximum benefits from it, you will need to dedicate some time to interact with your listeners who will be giving you valuable feedback through the comments section. But you do need the listeners in the first place so you may also need to go the extra mile and gain Soundcloud plays. With so many hours of music and other audio files posted every minute, there is no denying that competition for plays is stiff and spending some money will guarantee you an audience. Although it was originally developed for musicians to collaborate and share their music, sound cloud has since developed in terms of flexibility and will work with any type of audio clip. Having your sound clips downloaded many times builds your name online by attracting more and more users to download the clip. So, you have opened a sound cloud account, shared your clips, started being active and maybe even taken the further step to buy soundcloud downloads and Plays. In short you have started building your community. These are only few things you need to do in order to keep your music burning hot.

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