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Facebook Picture likes. Facebook is the largest social media platform but spreading awareness and gaining Facebook picture likes is hard to accomplish just by simple word of mouth. Here at The Fan Market we provide the services to make this easier for you.

Whether you need likes to win a competition,  need positive feedback on your profile or even to build the credibility of your company or brand, buy Facebook picture likes and boost your numbers and popularity which in turn will assist you in gaining massive exposure.

Have a picture you want to get more exposure for but can’t seem to get it with posts, well look no further as we can provide the picture likes needed for your photo to get maximum exposure. Don’t be fooled by other sites Choose one of the packages below and get your Facebook pictures noticed. Packages priced at very affordable rates.

250 likes $2.49 USD
500 likes $3.49 USD
1000 likes $4.99 USD
1500 likes $7.99 USD
2000 likes $9.99 USD
2500 likes $10.99 USD
5000 likes $19.99 USD

Please reach out to us by email on how to purchase a package thefanmarket@gmail.com